Text Extraction from Color .gif image

I have a few .gif images which are screenshots of a terminal window with a table of information; thus they are on a black background with white/yellow text, alpha-numeric.

I've tried the OCR file in the File Exchange (file 18169) but when it reads my color image and converts it to greyscale, the image is barely readable.

I know nothing about image processing; I use Matlab heavily for statistical analysis and it seems the only way I can get this data is via these screenshots, and I'm trying to avoid hand-entering these tables of data.

But this seems like something that is relatively easy to do - these are computer generated fonts on a high-contrast background. I'm hoping that there is a way to either more crisply convert it to a white background with black text image for the OCR file exchange program or an entirely separate program to do it. Is there?
11/18/2010 3:00:08 AM
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Just make your own monochrome image.  Try taking one of the color
redChannel = rgbImage(:,:,1);
greenChannel = rgbImage(:,:,2);
blueChannel = rgbImage(:,:,3);
Use whichever one gives you the best contrast.

11/18/2010 3:53:07 AM