The problem "Can Matlab 6.5.1 (R13) and 7.0 (R14) coexist on Windows?" revisited...

Hello everybody,

recently I've come across the same kind of problem that had been
discussed here about 2 years ago... I've encountered an error while
trying to have both MATLAB R13 and R14 installed on my machine... the
machine is used as a server for a couple of MATLAB Web Server
applications, which were programmed for use with R13 and as long as
R13 was alone on the computer, everything was OK. However, after I
installed R14 (to a different directory, of course), the applications
started producing errors - more precisely, those parts of them that
depend on Simulink... At first I thought it was due to wrong
"matlabserver.exe" service running, but even after I fixed this (i.e.
removed the R14's service and installed the R13's), it ended with the
error... when I ran the applications offline using MWS testing
templates, they worked correctly(!), however, when I ran them via
www-browser, again the same error...
the only way to get it worked was to get rid of MATLAB R14 - after I
unistalled R14, the applications were working properly, as before...

Obviously, the "misbehaviour" of the applications must have been
caused by MATLAB R14 - probably the matweb.exe (although the R13-one)
was launching R14-Simulink instead of the R13-one which consequently
produced the error. It didn't occur to me that R13-matweb.exe could
launch "foreign" Simulink instead of its own and that it could
actually depend on Windows' PATH setting rather than on some version

Now that I've read the discussion (see below) I'll try the PATH-hint
to see if it works (I hope it does)... but... the discussion below is
circa 2 years old and the hint says that this
always-check-the-PATH-first solution is a temporary one... so I would
like to know if something more permanent was developed in between or
not... I'd appreciate every advice

Thank you very much in advance.


P.S. Here is a piece of the previous discussion dedicated to the
topic "Can Matlab 6.5.1 (R13) and 7.0 (R14) coexist on Windows?"...
Unfortunately, (probably because the discussion is 2 years old?) I
was unable to append my message to the original thread and had to
create a new one instead... but it seems that one can still access it
at Joachim Selinger, "Can Matlab 6.5.1 (R13) and 7.0 (R14) coexist on Windows?" #, 19 Jul 2004 10:11 am </WebX?14@@.eee397f>

> Hi Joachim,
> You may be right about the path thing. The R13 MATLAB
> may be finding libraries in the R14 bin/win32 directory
> and running into these errors because of imcompatible
> code. In the short-term, make sure that if you are
> running R14, it's bin/win32 directory is before R13's on
> the path and vice-versa. We are investigating this and
> will try provide a better solution
> asap.
> Sean
3/8/2006 1:20:38 PM
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I have 4 different versions of ML installed (and working) on my machine
(winxp64), however I don't use simulink or the matlab web server. Igor

itdevries (101)
3/8/2006 1:40:17 PM
Igor wrote:
> I have 4 different versions of ML installed (and
> working) on my machine (winxp64), however I don't use
> simulink or the matlab web server.

Well, now I have only one MATLAB less than you !-) I have MATLAB 5.2
(R10), MATLAB R13 and MATLAB R14 installed...

In all probability it was indeed the PATH thing that was causing the
problem... Now that I have left MATLAB R14's directory out of the
PATH, the MATLAB Web Server applications work correctly again with
MWS R13 and it seems that this change do not prevent MATLAB R14 from
operation... However, it is still a bit of mystery to me why MATLAB
R14 launches when I type "matlab" in Start/Run/Open field and why it
is MATLAB R13 that launches when I type "matlab" on Command Prompt

As to Simulink: According to my experience, Simulink is always the
part of MATLAB that suffers most from each upgrade and from each new
release... if you have a custom Simulink blockset that works fine
with a certain version of Simulink, it usually doesn't work with a
newer version (only the most basic things in Simulink work in the
same way - if you need anything that is a bit more sophisticated, you
have to reprogram it again just to meet the new specifiacations)...
MathWorks guys responsible for Simulink obviously do not bother
themselves with backward compatibility too much...

So one have to have 2 or 3 MATLABs installed at the same time in
order to be able to do everything he/she needs...
3/9/2006 12:03:03 PM
ah, yes, the path can be a dangerous thing in ML. As to which matlab
launches from the cmd.exe, it's probably some registry setting that
causes that (don't know which one, try searching the registry for
"matlab") Igor

itdevries (101)
3/10/2006 9:20:13 AM