Unwanted transparent list boxes and edit boxes

I have a GUI in which I create several (~15) list boxes for selecting
items from a database. I loop through some code to create the list
boxes. For some reason on some computers the first list box (and
only the first one) shows up transparent below the text. i.e. If
there are only three items in the string of options, below the three
items is transparent and I can see the text from below the figure
(like the text from the Matlab Editor window directly underneath it
for instance). I also have a couple edit boxes that are defined in
the GUIDE created fig file that do a similar thing, although only the
borders (the little couple pixel wide things that make it look 3D)
are transparent. If I move the transparent portions of the figure
off the edge of the screen and back on, they are then correct and no
longer transparent.

This occurs with the compiled version in standalone as well. It does
not happen on all computers.

I have manually selected the RendererMode and tried 'painters',
'zbuffer', and 'OpenGL' but this makes no difference. I don't know
what else it could be. I have put in both 'refresh' and 'drawnow'
statements immediately after creating the edit boxes as well, to no
avail. Has anyone had any similar problems and found the solutions?

1/5/2004 8:59:28 PM
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