Windows 7 Home Premium vs. Windows 7 Professional (using MATLAB R2007a or R2007b)

I am planning to purchase a Laptop computer and must decide whether to order it with Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional. (I now use R2007a in Debian Linux. I have the package for R2007b but haven’t installed it.)

My questions are: Does MATLAB R2007a (and/or R2007b) work on Windows 7 Home Premium? If not, does it work under Windows 7 Professional? Under Windows 7 Professional, would I have to run Matlab in Windows XP mode? If both operating systems work, is there any advantage (in terms of Matlab performance) to Windows 7 Professional vs. Home Premium? 

Thank you.
4/24/2010 8:54:05 PM
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I may have found the answer at the following URL:


There the author of the post dated Tuesday, February 16, 2010 found a way to get Matlab 2007b to work on Windows 7 Home Premium.

I still haven't found a comparison of Matlab R2007b performance on Windows 7 Home Premium vs. Windows 7 Professional.
4/28/2010 12:59:07 PM