Windows XP vs Windows 2000

Hi all
I have strong and powerful computer. It has Dual Xeon processor and
2G memory.
The operation system that installed right now is Microsoft server
We use Matlab 6.5 (R13) and Microsoft SQL server only ( without any
other big program that may slowly the speed of the processing).
We understood that this version of Matlab (6.5) never been tested on
this Operation system, so we decided to replace it to tested one.

We are think over two operation system:
-	Windows XP
-	Windows 2000 ( Server or workstation)

The most significant performance that we care is the speed of the
processing at Matlab platform.( For example we don't care for
stability )
Just to remember same details :
-	We have Dual Xeon processor
-	We use SQL Server
-	We use Matlab 6.5

May someone know what should I need to do? Which OS I
need to install?

Waiting for any replay :-)

Best regards
Leon Noah ,
6/1/2005 6:50:20 PM
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If you don't care for stability why don't you move to win95?

Windows xp is considered by many professionals (including me) a
Windows 2000 downgrade instead of an upgrade. NT 4.8 instead od NT 5.1

Imagine waiting to connect to your SQL Server in Windows xp forever,
without any hard disk and processor activity and without any error
response. This is the rule in xp for many applications. The machine
just idles and you don't know what to do. This is the main reason
serious developers use w2000. It's like wearing tight gloves, you
always know when it's time to hard reset your machine. With wxp you

I'm convinced the crew that developed w2000 is different from that
that developed wxp, and I suspect the the first one was much more
6/17/2005 10:56:22 AM