error message: Write Access Violation In Task [iml]


I'm doing some bootstrapping where I'm using the LAV call for median

My procedure is to repeated use resampled datasets (that I've already
created) and then use the LAV call to get parameter estimates for
quantile regressions on each of my datasets.

It's been working fine, but now I'm using a slightly different mix of
independent variables and at various points in the process I am
getting the error message below. Depending on the dependent variable
the messages occurs after the 82nd resample, for another dependent
variable it occurs with the 568th resample.

I'm guessing it doesn't like my data, but beyond that I don't know
what's happening. Any insight is appreciated.


John T.

(to respond by e-mail please use jjtefATunoDOTedu)

Thanks in advance,

NOTE: I/O required temporary file to be opened.
NOTE: I/O required temporary file to be opened.
ERROR:  Write Access Violation In Task [ IML ]
Exception occurred at [60AC1EC6]
Task Traceback
Address   Frame     (IMAGEHLP API Version 4.0 rev 5)
60AC1EC6  056DFC0C  0001:00020EC6 sasiml.dll
60B9180D  056DFDA0  0001:0000080D sasilav.dll
672A11F8  056DFDEC  0001:000001F8 sasxfnc.dll
60AA6566  056DFE88  0001:00005566 sasiml.dll
60AA1F92  056DFEC8  0001:00000F92 sasiml.dll
60AA24F3  056DFF58  0001:000014F3 sasiml.dll
60AA12CA  056DFF88  0001:000002CA sasiml.dll
67ED1D25  056DFFA4  0001:00010D25 sashost.dll
67ED561C  056DFFB8  0001:0001461C sashost.dll
77F04EDE  056DFFEC  KERNEL32:lstrcmpiW+0xBE
2/4/2004 7:09:59 PM
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