Re: Autoexec.sas file Dm"pgm;zoom;"; doesnot wrk in SAS 9.2 #2

Hi Ace,

The PGM is the editor window up through v6.12
but also still exists today.

For the Enhanced Editor you can use:

dm editor 'zoom' wedit ;

Hope this is helpful.

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On Wed, 14 Oct 2009 08:29:18 -0400, "Lou" <lpogoda@hotmail.com> wrote:

>"Ace" <b.rogers@ifrance.com> wrote in message

>> or in a single line:
>> dm 'pgm;zoom' pgm ;
>I think it's easier to configure your SAS session the way you want.
>everything's set to your liking, you can save your window settings by
>issuing the command "wsave all" on any command line or in the command
>To save your settings, click on Tools > Options > Preferences.  On the
>Preferences dialob, click on the "General" tab and check the "Save
>on exit" check box.  Then click OK.

But this will not open the PGM window - by default the newer Enhanced
Editor is used, which is all very well but doesn't support some of the
features long-time users have grown to know and love.

So I can see why the OP would want it, even though it lacks some of
the later features, notably multiple windows. I also tend to use it,
depending on what work I'm doing, as the Enhanced Editor still isn't
included in Unix releases, which I use all the time, so the different
characteristics, particularly the fact that it leaves your code in the
editor when submitted, often cause confusion when switching between
the two platforms.
mterjeson (1913)
10/14/2009 3:45:02 PM
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