Re: Clearing SAS Data Data from Prior Run #6

I'm glad you jumped in.  The "collective" makes for better combined
solutions. har har

Here's one possible OT question:  Is the interconnectivity of SAS-L like
the "Borg"?

Cheers. :o)


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Hi, Mark

I knew that you knew but I didn't want some one to read the archives and
be mislead.

Have a great weekend.

Isn't it about time for a Friday Off Topic thread?


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Nat is totally correct, there are more things.

I hurried and didn't phrase my statement well,
I meant in simplistic terms of getting started
in the troubleshooting, those couple things may
be a place to start looking....  and that "usually"
if major/significant things have not changed, that
starting with these may prove to surface a lead
as to where to look/dig next...

Thanks Nat,


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I have to disagree with Mark to a degree in that he wrote

"Usually the only things that can carry over
from one step or program to another are macro
(environment) variables and data that is stored."

In addition to data sets and macro variables, the following also carry
over unless they are reset in the next programs:

1) titles, footnotes, notes
2) options including graphics options
3) if memory serves, symbol statements in SAS Graph and possible other
graphics items that are defined by the user such as axis statements and
their optional values
4) macros
5) and, of course, unbalanced quotes.
6) whatever else that I've forgotton.

Nat Wooding

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