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I did try V8 before I sent the posting just to be sure that V5toV6 was not
available and I too, found it not there. I see that Dale did not find it in
a V6.12 installation. I just ran a mainframe 6.09E job and the proc is
there. I find it odd that it would not be available in 6.12 since this is a
V6 proc. The spelling is



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Dear SAS-L-ers,

Nat Wooding, a knowledgeable neighbor just to the South of SAS Mecca posted
the following:

> Just to jump in, in V6, there was a Proc V5toV6 but that only
> gets you one step along the way. I just checked and the proc
> is not available in V9 (at least on the pc).

Nat, what a very clever way to inch along towards the goal!  My mental
picture is that of the old fire brigade where a bucket of water is passed
from individual to individual:  SAS V5 to SAS V6; SAS v6 to SAS V8, and SAS
V8 to SAS V9.  The bucket of water is, of course, the original SAS V5 data

Unfortunately, the original poster may have reached the end of the line if
he/she does not have SAS V6.  I say this because the SAS V8 online doc for
Windows states the following:


        The following SAS procedure is no longer supported: V5TOV6

        For more information about procedures, see SAS Procedures under

If SAS V8 doesn't support V5TOV6, then I'll bet that SAS V9 does not
it either.  So, hopefully, the original poster has SAS V6 laying around in
one of those dusty file cabinets somewhere in the bowels of his

Nat, I'll catch you elsewhere on the 'L!

I hope that this suggestion proves helpful now, and in the future!

Of course, all of these opinions and insights are my own, and do not
those of my organization or my associates. All SAS code and/or
specified in this posting are for illustrative purposes only and no
is stated or implied as to their accuracy or applicability. People deciding
to use information in this posting do so at their own risk.

Michael A. Raithel
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