Re: Creating an empty SAS data set #7

Yes, "where 1=2" is potentially really bad.  SAS could realize that it's
always false and behave accordingly, but  on the other hand it might
read every record in OLD.  Shouldn't be hard to test if anyone cares,
but given the better alternatives, I don't think I care.

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>>> "Chang Y. Chung" <chang_y_chung@HOTMAIL.COM> 12/28/04 10:47 PM >>>
On Wed, 29 Dec 2004 11:46:52 +0530, Bhavani Shankar
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>This will solve your problem
>Proc Sql;
>       Create table new.table as select * from old.table where 1=2;

Hi, Bhavani,

Even though your solution works, I don't think it is a good idea to
suggest it. One reason is that sql has a specialized syntax for creating
an empty table from another, as Roy suggests
l&D=1&O=A&P=36692). Another reason is that your code needs at least two
comments -- one on the use of an always false where clause, "where 1=2"
which, IMHO, is a very ugly hack; another on library names "new"
and "old" -- which you assume that they exist.

Just my two cents...


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