Re: Data reading Error. Help needed ASAP

Now I have a very weird problem,I want to import a txt data whose formate l=
ikes this:zip_code phone_number date_of_birth109017741|8453684588|10201966
100246445|2125950041|05231952=A0I used the following code to read the data =
data a;infile 'C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\data.txt' DLM=3D'|' dsd mi=
ssover truncover;format Zip_Code $30.Client_Home_Phone $40.Client_Date_Of_B=
irth mmddyy10.;informat Zip_Code $30.Client_Home_Phone $40.Client_Date_Of_B=
irth mmddyy10.;length Client_Home_Phone $40;input zip_code $Client_Home_Pho=
ne $Client_Date_Of_Birth mmddyy10.;run;=A0Log shows no error, but he the fi=
rst row of SAS data, the Client_Date_Of_Birth is always missing.Just like t=
hat =A0109017741 8453684588 .100246445 2125950041 05/23/1952.=A0Could anybo=
dy help me? Thanks very much.=A0=A0=A0
1/6/2009 7:25:26 PM
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