Re: Deleting SAS Data from a SAS DATASET #12

--On 8/15/08 6:03 PM -0400 Chang Chung wrote:

> good point! but as shown below, you can make a view of multiple datasets
> having the separate indexes, and where seems to be fine with this.
> interesting. ran on sas 9.1.3 sp4 on windows.

> /* make a view of two datasets appended */
> proc sql feedback;
>   drop view work.oneTwo;
>   create view oneTwo as
>   select * from one union select * from two
>   order by age;
> quit;

One thought on this--at least in my general approach to using views--is you
probably want to avoid the ORDER BY statement--especially if it's the variable
you're indexing on and you want to use a subset.

For any amount of data above a trivial one, there's no sense in forcing the
view to re-order th
e data if it doesn't have to.

dave8984 (125)
8/15/2008 10:54:08 PM
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