Re: Deleting SAS Data from a SAS DATASET #18


This is an excellent suggestion from Ian!   Perhaps just recreate the =
data set (you would in that case want to recreate, and thus NOT use the =
SQL delete statement) once every 2-3 months and delete 2-3 months worth =
of data at that time; it would seem that that wouldn't take too much =
longer than deleting 1 month at a time, and thus the total time would be =
reduced by as much as 50%.

And this would meet my favorite efficiency marker, since I've met a lot =
of people who don't want to work weekends and have yet to meet a =
computer who cares, "less people time!"

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  Summary: Suggestions for maintaining large data set


  You are adding about 2 gig per month.  That is 4% increase.  Perhaps
  accepting the increase one month and then modifying the second month
  would make more sense, if the data is accessed infrequently.  To do
  this you need to control all programs that read the data set.
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8/18/2008 2:02:45 PM
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