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>On Jun 5, 11:50 pm, PaulOK <nancynpaul-s...@yahoo.com> wrote:
>> On Jun 5, 5:53 pm, "Lou" <lpog...@verizon.net> wrote:
>> ....
>> > In my limited experience, there are minor programming differences - you use
>> > a forward slash instead of a backward slash in path names for example,
>> ....
>> Actually one can use either forward or backward slashes in Windows SAS
>> programs.
>Yes one can use either in SAS for Windows, but not in SAS for Unix
>> libname datalib "c:/data/project/work";
>> works exactly the same as
>> libname datalib "c:\data\project\work";
>> ....
>> > Lastly, the documentation for SAS on Unix is riddled with
misinformation and
>> > in some cases is flatly wrong - obviously copied from some other platform
>> > (probably Windows) and not checked for accuracy or applicability.
>> Could you provide a specific example where the UNIX SAS documentations
>> is 'flatly wrong'.
>I'm not currently working in a place that has a unix environment, so
>this is from memory.  Where I was working a couple of years ago, the
>company had made the decision to go to SAS on Unix, bought a shiny new
>server, installed SAS, etc.  I was part of the team that did the
>validation testing for the new system.  Once that was over and the
>system released to production use, I spent a couple of days trying to
>configure my session.  My recollection is that there were three places
>in the Unix version of the online docs that tell you how to "turn on"
>the application workspace.  I tried all three, none of them worked,
>none of them produced any noticeable error message/dialog.  I finally
>called technical support, and they told me there was no application
>workspace under Unix.
>There were a few other instances of this ilk, but it was over a year
>ago, I no longer work there, and I don't recall the specifics.
>> Paul OldenKamp

The sasCommunity.org site has a top level SASopedia Category called
"Platform Specifics". I just created an article "Unix Platform" linked from
that category (http://www.sascommunity.org/wiki/Unix_Platform).

I encourage people to edit that article to include information which has
come up in this thread, and other SAS/Unix issues. That way the information
will be handy and easy to locate in the future.
6/7/2008 1:38:37 PM
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