Re: Difference Between PC SAS and UNIX SAS

I'm not aware of any differences in SAS.
For sure, there are some differences for external interfaces. E.g. there
are no drive letters in UNIX (C:\a\b\). Normally the path delimiters are
slashes (/) instead on back-slashes (\) in UNIX, but you can use both in
SAS (c:/a/b).
And all the commands are different (cp instead of copy, ls instead of dir,
mkdir instead of md, ...)

As far as you don't need that external commands, SAS is all the same on
both platforms.

Some limitations could be different - not the SAS limits, but OS limits. A
few years ago you could not have more than 2 GB as dataset size (that
limitations is gone for long time, only as example). There might be a

On Thu, 5 Jun 2008 11:28:09 -0700, Suthakar Iyer <suthakariyer@YAHOO.COM>

>Whether there is any difference between PC SAS and UNIX SAS &nbsp;from
the functionality or user point of view.
>If there is a difference , kindly can you mention it.
>Thanks for the help in advance.
6/6/2008 7:37:13 AM
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