Re: Help in SAS code- convert to .sav file #2

mailprems@YAHOO.COM wrote:
>Is there any SAS code for converting  a SAS data set to a SPSS (.sav) file.
>I did work by using the SPSS commands 'get sas data' but I wanted to know
>whether there is any method to convert the dataset into .sav file without
>using SPSS (using SAS codes).

Why on earth would you want to?

But seriously, have you tried the SPSS engine in the LIBNAME statement?

libname pickanamehere SPSS pathtolibrary ;

I wouldn't do this, of course.  SAS is way better for database management
and for the types of statistical analysis I typically do.  I might use R
once in
a while, but not SPSS.  And you don't need to resort to this sort of
since you could save your data in some manner of transport format which
both programs could read/write.

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