Re: how to read data from the excel files? #2

There are many ways to read in data from Excel. Most if not all can be
automated to loop over multiple worksheets in multiple workbooks.

Do you already have a preferred method for reading a single worksheet from
a single workbook? If so, what is it? Show code. If not, provide some
information such as what platfrom you use, what SAS products you have
licensed, and how you will be using the 600 chunks of data.

Will the six sheets always have the same, known, names? Or is discovery of
the names part of the problem?

How about identifying the 100 workbooks? Will that be all of the .XLS files
in some directory, or will it be based on some naming pattern, or is there
a stored list to be read?

On Sat, 17 Jul 2004 11:18:18 +0800, tm <s030716@SPARC20C.STA.CUHK.EDU.HK>

>Hi Hi,
>     i have an excel file which consists of 6 sheets ( sheet1 to sheet6),
>where each sheet stores the same structure of data. What is the procedure
>reading the data from the excel sheet by sheet?
>In fact, i have over 100 excel files ( that means 600 worksheets of data).
>would know the procedure of reading the data from an excel sheet by sheet
>Thanks a lot.
7/25/2004 2:10:39 AM
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