Re: Need Urgent help:Version 8 to Version 9 #4 674797

Dear SAS-L-ers,

Mona posted the following in reply to my suggestion to provide more
information about the problem at hand:

> Thanks Michael ,I was able to fix it.

Mona, you are quite welcome!

I am _VERY_ glad that you fixed your problem.  However, it would be
helpful to fellow SAS-L-ers if you posted what the problem actually
turned out to be and how you fixed it.  It could very well turn out that
some hapless person in SAS-L-landia hits the very same issue in the next
week or so.  Then, that person would think "Oh, yea, I remember this
problem from the 'L, and Mona did x, y, and z to fix it!"

Mona, best of luck in all of your SAS endeavors!

I hope that this suggestion proves helpful now, and in the future!

Of course, all of these opinions and insights are my own, and do not
reflect those of my organization or my associates. All SAS code and/or
methodologies specified in this posting are for illustrative purposes
only and no warranty is stated or implied as to their accuracy or
applicability. People deciding to use information in this posting do so
at their own risk.

Michael A. Raithel
"The man who wrote the book on performance"
E-mail: MichaelRaithel@westat.com

Author: Tuning SAS Applications in the MVS Environment

Author: Tuning SAS Applications in the OS/390 and z/OS Environments,
Second Edition

Author: The Complete Guide to SAS Indexes

How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct.  Benjamin
10/9/2006 7:57:17 PM
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