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Andre and Everyone (hopefully on both the dark and non-dark sides),

I'm not sure where to begin with this post, so I'll simply state some 
of my random thoughts, what I'm planning to do and what I'm asking 
everyone for.

Many of us who attended this year's SGF came away with the opinion that 
SAS was only going to devote much energy or resources toward imporving 
non-Enterprise Guide or similar GUI interfaces, particularly excluding 
the interface many of us use when we run SAS.

Peter Flom is trying to put together a discussion for NESUG where a 
number of us might be able to try and understand how programmers and 
non-programmers (or possibly statisticians) can learn what would be 
needed to better understand each others views, requirements and 

In the 37 years that I've been using SAS I've NEVER submitted an idea 
for the SAS Ware Ballot.  Why?  It always appeared, to me, that the 
ballot was for those who had a much better understanding of the 
programming language than I would ever have.

Putting 2 and 2 together what I think is needed is a focus/discussion 
group at next year's SGF devoted specifically to the topic of "What 
does SAS need to know regarding what those who don't especially like 
using EG want to see in upcoming enhancements and why EG won't 
suffice."  However, I don't want to post my suggestion to 
SASCommunity.org until I hear back from you.

I' not thinking of a focus group in the usual sense of 10 to 20 people 
in a room but, rather, a panel and audience comprised of both key 
players from all groups (including SAS developers, programmers, 
statisticians, non-primarily-EG SAS users and managers) to discuss each 
other's concerns, along with anyone who feels that they might be able 
to add anything else that might be important.  By key players I'm 
considering almost anyone who has been in the top 40 SAS-L posters 
since 1987, however SAS-L posting most definitely isn't a requirement.

Would SAS listen and respond to our concerns?  Personally, that isn't 
my goal.  From a business perspective I'd think that they would, but my 
goal is simply to understand all of our views and do something to 
increase the likelihood that the right people have a chance to hear 
what we all have to say.

Your thoughts?


p.s.  In this post I'm also trying out Jim Groeneveld's suggestion 
regarding how to simultaneously post to both the listserv and usenet.  
Hopefully, it won't show endlessly long lines.
On Mon, 26 Apr 2010 09:59:57 +0200, Andre Wielki <wielki@INED.FR> wrote:
>Reading this monday morning the contributions of the WE
>i confirm that the list is since a long time splitted in two
>this discussion in on the listserv side of SAS-L (as Art is namming it)
>and unknown on the comp.sas side.  nevertheless a contribution of
>xlr82sas has recently take place 10 days ago and i forward it
>as he presents an opinion about DM and EG

Andre's full post showing the history of this thread can be found at:

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4/27/2010 12:07:05 AM
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Art - a few years ago, someone at SI told me (off the record, of
course) that Enterprise Guide had about 45+ developers working on it
and that the Enhanced Editor in Base SAS only had less than 5. So yes,
I think it is fair to say that the Enhanced Editor is on the decline.
Good news for coders, however. The next version of Enterprise Guide
4.3 (due out in December or thereabouts) will have Intellisense, so I
think that the switch to EG will become as close to a no-brainer as it
comes. And there is still JMP and the new IML studio for those who
insist on an alternate interface. Just my two cents. No wish or desire
to start a flame war.

4/27/2010 7:41:07 PM