Re: Parallel Processing in SAS

Jer wrote:
> I've heard that there are opportunties to do some parallel processing if
> your server has multiple CPUs.

I think there are also opportunities for parallel processing with single
CPU machines that support threading; one tread can execute while another
is waiting for I/O to complete, for example.

> We have 4 CPUs running on windows 2003 SP1.
> Anyone have any insight or articles about Parallel processing?

You might look through the SAS web site; there have been several SUGI
papers about parallel processing, and probably some SASGloF papers as well.

> I heard only a few procs can actually utilize and take advantage of parallel
> processing, but wasn't sure.

There are only a few procedures (SORT and SQL and the
SUMMARY/REPORT/TABULATE family are probably the most commonly used, but
there are other ways to get parallel processing.

If your program can be split manually into appropriate chunks, you can
use Multi-Processor Connect to parallelize your work.  You could also
use regular connect, but there are some advantages to MP Connect.

There is a pipe engine that uses parallel processing.

In 9.2, there will be a threaded database and a threaded data step;
neither is exactly like the current base engine and data step.

I think the SPDE libname engine uses parallel processing for searches;
there's also a SPDS table server product.

Some SAS/Access products use multithreading for data transfer.

There is a grid computing option, but that runs on multiple machines.

I've probably left some out; look through the SAS Scalability and
Performance web pages at
<http://support.sas.com/rnd/scalability/intro/index.html> as well as the
SUGI papers at <http://www.lexjansen.com/sugi/index.htm>.
jfh (1342)
7/27/2007 4:07:21 AM
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