Re: PC SAS 9.1 - Saving .sas, .log, .lst files to same directory

> From: Jon Hayward
> Is there a setting in PC SAS so that whichever directory I
> save my .sas file to, SAS will automatically go there when I
> want to save my .log and .lst files?
> Currently I must specify each location.  While I am sure that
> there is a reason for this, I am hoping that there might be a
> setting to allow me to specify that I want SAS to remember my
> current active location for the duration of that session...
> So the next time I open SAS, I will perhaps save a different
> .sas file to a different location and then SAS will know to
> go there to save the corresponding .log and .lst files.

the option you are looking for is
-sasinitialfolder '<my project folder goes here>'

proc options define value option=sasinitialfolder;run;

the hyphen means you can only set this option:
When Can Set: Session startup (command line or config) only

so either of :
- - - SAS.bat - - -
"<sasroot>/sas.exe" %* -sasinitialfolder '.'
rem Win .bat file: percent star means pass all parameters to sas

or (recommended) in your project folder:
- - - sasv9.cfg - - -
-sasinitialfolder '<my project folder goes here>'

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