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Thank you=2C Jerry! I appreciate your feedback!


> Date: Thu=2C 14 May 2009 16:12:22 -0400
> From: jwd@UGA.EDU
> Subject: Re: [SAS-L] Please share: Updated PC SAS 9.2 phase 1 to 9.2 phas=
e              2
> D T  wrote:
> > I am following Ronald Fehd's thread=2C but am also very interested
> >in finding out if anyone else has experiences with updating single PC
> >SAS 9.2 phase 1 to phase 2? Did you have problems? Would you recommend
> >it? Also=2C can someone clarify what is considered metadata in the
> >context
> >of this migration?
> I downloaded phase 2 a couple days ago and today I decided to install it
> on a test machine.  It did not go smoothly.  At one point I did have SAS
> working and could run programs=2C but the install process was very
> perplexing.  Here are some observations.
> 9.2 phase 1 to 9.2 phase 2 is not a migration=2C it is a reinstall.
> My licenses are for single workstations=2C but the installation program
> wants to install a single machine BI server with Jboss.  I have yet to
> figure out how to simplify the install.
> The installer has to initialize multiple userids=2C passwords=2C email
> accounts=2C an smtp server etc=2C when configuring the BI server=2C metad=
> server=2C application server=2C web host etc.  The need for all these thi=
> was baffling.
> While SAS foundation and its goodies installed flawlessly=2C various
> server components and configuration components failed.  Despite all the
> errors during install the Display Manager loaded and I was able to
> execute SAS programs.
> I decided to uninstall and restart=2C in the hope of streamlining the
> process by unselecting the server products.  When I got to the point
> where it asked for a password for an admin account the install refused
> to proceed because it says I typed in a wrong password or the server is
> not running.  At this point=2C I am unsure what to do.  I will probably
> back up and install all the defaults and see what happens.
> Among other duties I do all the SAS support at my site.  Without a less
> cumbersome install procedure I don't see phase 2 software being widely
> deployed.  9.2 Phase 1 has new Stat and ODS stuff I really like so I may
> just stick with it.
> I can see how a very general install procedure that works the same
> across many computing environments would be attractive to SAS Institute=
> but this one needs a lot of tweaking=2C IMHO
> Jerry

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