Re: SAS/ACCESS - Oracle: setting field lengths in SAS datasets #2

DBMAX_TEXT does the trick; thank you all who helped!


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To: Pettis, Matthew (Prof II&RS)
Subject: Re: [SAS-L] SAS/ACCESS - Oracle: setting field lengths in SAS datasets returned from passthrough

Does the DBMAX_TEXT option do what you want?


Jack Hamilton
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On Jan 22, 2009, at 8:57 am, Matthew Pettis wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a CLOB coming back from an Oracle passthrough query that is
> >1024
> in length.  How do I specify that my receiving variable in a SAS
> dataset
> be longer than 1024 characters to accommodate this?  By default, I get
> SAS thinking that this is 1024 characters, when it is really a CLOB
> and
> I want to set some large default length on this variable length...
> Thanks,
> Matt
1/25/2009 11:02:46 PM
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