Re: SAS Advanced Programming Exam for SAS 9: SAS Joke of the year. #11


Thank you for the nice words...I am sure I wouldn't have a chance on any
stat exam, BTW.

What I am good at is being in an absolute crisis and trying to get it solved
with no time on the clock. That is why I think in a quirky manner. When the
obvious isn't working, take a different path because there is simply no time
left. It's what I did at MCI, SAS, and now as an independent.

....and that skill will not be measured on a certification exam or plopping
me in front of a PC to hammer out an example SAS program.

For any candidate, I can pick up their technical level with a few questions
and watching their reactions.


Alan Churchill

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On Tue, 4 Sep 2007, Alan Churchill wrote:

> It seems that a test like this would toss me out of the pool from the
> get-go. Heck, maybe that's what the goal would be ;-]

Well then, maybe the rest of us might have a chance then :)

Given that I have not used SAS regularly in months, I would be hurting.
Hopefully, I would not be tossed immediately either.

Isn't one point of the test to allow a organization to call itself a
partner or some other distinction?  Maybe to be listed among companies on
SI's websites?


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