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But you should know that SAS-L prefers to help people with
programs rather than do work for people.   What is=20
your first-pass solution to these problems and where are
you having trouble?

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  Hi all,

  I am filling out a SAS skills evaluation from a potential client.  The
  instructions state that it is not to necesarily test one's knowlegde,
  but how they can use available resources to help solve problems.
  and would like to use you as a technical reference if you don't mind.
  (it is allowed per the instructions)

  "In order to complete the evaluation, the SAS Developer will require
  access to the SAS System and optionally online access for research
  purposes. All the data required is available within SAS by default or
  is described in the task itself.
  Developers may also need to place tickets with SAS to answer some of
  these questions. This evaluation is not to find out how much a
  Developer knows but test their resourcefulness in solving problems
  using the tools that are generally available to SAS Developers. If you
  do not have an answer to a question, describe what you would do in
  that situation. You can't ignore the question but what would you do if
  the situation occurred in real life where brushing in under the carpet
  is not a solution."

  Doing this test at home while "on the bench", I do not have access to
  a SAS system and cannot open a ticket with Support.sas.com (not having
  a site #) .

  That being said, I hope to use the collective knowledge of this forum
  with some of the problems I do not have experience with.

  Here is the first problem:

  TASK 8

  Your Boss loves Message boxes as he used to be a Windows programmer.
  He has a lot of problems with his C Drive filling up. He would like a
  Windows Messsage Box to pop up on his PC if his C drive has less than
  100mbytes of free space sending him the message "Your C drive is low
  on Space".

  You will place your code in the Autoexec.sas. Since you realize this
  is a handle tool you decide you should probably make this a macro.

  HINTS: sascbtbl, win32api, MessageBoxA, Modulen, SAS Sample Library


  Here is another:

  TASK 13

  Your boss reviews the report from the task above and sees that there
  is enough room to put BAR Chart graphs with 3d cylinders for each of
  these reports at the top of the page. Create a Single Page report
  using the following template:

  |   Graph 1    |     Graph 2    |


  |   Table 1    |     Table 2     |

  HINT: We are not concerned with how the graph and tables look but that
  they follow the template as shown above. This is tough to do. Graph
  any variable you want just make sure that table1 ties to graph1 and
  table2 ties to graph2. If you cannot figure out how to get the graphs
  on top, your last resort is to put them on the bottom and hope he
  doesn't notice.


  and another

  TASK 19

  Using SQL passthru to DB2 to find out how many columns, rows, and the
  creation update for the DB2 Table "sales" which is located in the DB2
  Database "db2prod" with a schema of "salesdata"


  Thank you in advance.

  Ray Burton
  Soddy Daisy TN
mlhoward (1803)
2/23/2009 7:22:28 PM
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