Re: SAS Problem. #2

sas__l@HOTMAIL.COM expertly replied:
>Hello, use SAS dates for computing time intervals and such..
>what is this? Has these two id's been hospitalized 5 times
>in this short period? Poor fellas!
>Is "enter" .. well, entering  .. and "disc" a folowing visit, or?
>Please explain if this doesn't get you going.
>data t1;
>  input enter : ddmmyy10. disc : ddmmyy10.  x $ 23 id 25;
>  interval=intck( 'days', enter, disc);
>  . . . . .

Yes.  I agree.  Good points all.

And, since SAS dates are just the number of days since 1/1/1960, the
variable is even easier to work with here.  It is just

  interval = disc - enter;

The poster may not know about SAS dates, so simpler may be better.

INTCK() would certainly be needed if the poster were using something other
days {weeks, months, whatever} here, so good point there also.

HTCT (Happy To Cause trouble),
David L. Cassell
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