Re: SAS Table help #2


Either Ian, I, or both of us have misunderstood what you might be looking
for.  If your data show the number of missing data elements, by product
type, then I think you want something like the following:

data have;
  input Product $ ItemA   ItemB ItemC ItemD ItemF;
A    1      .     2     9     .
B    2      2     0     3     9
C    6      5     9     .     8
D    5      .     5     7     8
E    5      .     2     8     .
F    .      2     3     6     7
G    .      8     2     .     5
H    5      .     .     8     1

data temp;
  set have ;
  nmiss = sum (of item: ) ;

proc sql;
  create table want as
    select product,nmiss,100*nmiss/sum(nmiss) as pct_of_total
       from temp;

On Mon, 2 Feb 2009 13:14:41 -0800, Mahbub Khandoker <mk_sas1@YAHOO.CA>

>Hi there,
>I am very new to SAS. I want to create a table from SAS database which
includes statistics for all the missing data elements by product type.
>The database looks like as follows,
>Product����������� ItemA�� ItemB ItemC ItemD ItemF
>A�������������������� 1��������� �����������
2��������� 9���������
>B��������������������� 2��������� 2���������
0��������� 3��������� 9
>C�������������������� 6��������� 5���������
����������� 9.�������� 8
>D�������������������� 5��������� �����������
5��������� 7��������� 8
>E��������������������� 5��������� �����������
2��������� 8���������
>F��������������������� ����������� 2���������
3��������� 6��������� 7
>G�������������������� ����������� 8���������
2��������� ����������� 5
>H�������������������� 5��������� �����������
����������� 8��������� 1
>Therefore I want to create a table that provides missing values statistics
by product.
>Product����������� # of Missing Value������� % of Missing Value
>Another requirement to create the above table where the missing values
greater than 10% of the total records.
>Thanks in advance for your help!

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Summary: Possible answers - data manipulation. #iw-value=1 Monti, This might be what you want. data want ( where = (pctmiss > 10) ) ; set have ; /* see data below */ nmiss = nmiss (of item: ) ; /* or nmiss (of itema -- itemf ) ; */ /* or nmiss ( itema, itemb, itemc, itemd, iteme, itemf ) ; */ pctmiss = 100 * nmiss / 6 ; run ; I have assumed your second requirement > Another requirement to create the above table where the missing > values greater than 10% of the total records. means greter than 10% of the items on a record. If you really mean of total records, then I do not understand the problem. Perhaps you should show how to calculate by hand what is wanted. In genereral you will find the data structure product item stat a a 1 a b . a c 2 ... b a 2 ... far more flexible. One way to get this would be proc transpose data = have out = good (rename=(col1=stat)) ; by product ; var item: ; run ; Here you might mean proc summary data = good ; class _name_ ; var stat ; output out = summary nmiss=nmiss ; run ; data want ; set summary ; where nmiss > .1 * _freq_ ; pct = 100 * nmiss / _freq_ ; run ; Ian Whitlock =============== Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2009 13:14:41 -0800 From: Mahbub Khandoker <mk_sas1@YAHOO.CA> Subject: SAS Table help Hi there...

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