Re: Segmentation error: was: SAS Error Message

Short answer: this probably is not a problem with SAS.

Segmentation errors usually arise when there is a bug in the program.

Have you run the shell script from an interactive session to verify it

Are you either writing the shell script, or writing a parameter file for
the shell script from within your SAS session?  If so, look again at the
syntax of the created script or inclusion file.

Usually, these errors occur where array references are out of bounds or
use pointers that are corrupt or uninitialised.

Modifying your shell script with a series of PrintF() statements will
help you diagnose how for the program is working before it crashes, and
let you verify key variables.

You can also use a debugger such as dbx.

If I had a strong hunch, it would be that you are building a script or
inclusion file in SAS, it includes content that you are resolving from
SAS macro references, and you have an unresolved macro reference that is
porting an ampersand before a variable name that is not available in the
shell script.  Once again, reviewing carefully the content of the script
or inclusion, and running it from an interactive host session will
identify the problem.

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Has anyone ever seen the below error?  It's a crazy Segmentation Fault
error that I get in the log when trying to execute a shell script from
SAS.  The actual log is at the bottom.  We can't seem to figure it out.
I'm running SAS for windows version 9.

I am getting the error when I run the following code:

x '/users/apps/ssg1/data_archive/green_net/run_ftp.sh';


REMOTE(WFSAS): /users/apps/ssg1/data_archive/green_net/appr_comm_ftp.sh:
401836 Segmentation


Thanks in advance...

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