Re: suggest: improve SAS Deployment Wizard for SAS v9.2, phase 2

Subject: Re: v9.2 phase 2, page update

"Make the installation of SAS BI Server easier!"

Ok w/me!
Just remember that the majority of us are still just installing only
SAS Foundation v9.2, and possibly Enterprise Guide v4.2

My rant/suggestion to Tech Support has been addressed.

I have added notes about my conversation with Tech Support
to this sas community wiki page:


summary: if you have Build # greater than or equal to 28
then you can dispense with ForceInstall.

Ronald J. Fehd, IT Spec
HelpDesk Level 3: SAS
CDC SAS site representative
rjf2 (3342)
8/26/2009 1:51:14 PM
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