Re: UNIX file permissions for SAS data sets #2

Hi, Richard and everyone.

I called SAS Tech Support (919-677-8008) and got the following suggestion,
very similar to what you told me in a private communication.  They
suggested editing the SAS/CONNECT script file tcpunix.scr, adding a line to
set the umask right before it issues the SAS command on the remote host,

type 'umask 022' LF;
type 'sas -dmr...

In this case, I am not using unxspawn for the remote SAS session.  If I
were, I believe I would have to do what you suggested, which is to create a
shell script file with the umask command in it.

A co-worker suggested the following, which also worked for me.  He said
that, on the server in question, remote sessions were started by a bourne
shell, and so putting a "umask 022" command inside my .profile should also
allow read permissions to all other users.

The reason that doing
%sysexec umask 022;
in the SAS remote session did not work is that this is spawned off into a
subshell before execution, so it does not affect the permissions in the
shell which started the SAS remote session.  Similarly, issuing "umask 022"
in a telnet session does not affect the shell which starts the SAS remote

--  TMK  --
TopKatz (425)
7/28/2004 7:52:27 PM
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