Re: Weird problem with ODS PDF - searching within PDF doesn't

Problem Note 32003: Text searches return different results in PDF files created by ODS PDF

The Details section for the note clarifies that "different" means "not correct".  ;-)

Fortunately, a hot fix is available.

Search strategy -- I searched in Samples and SAS Notes for the words ODS, PDF, and search.


Mike Rhoads

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Subject: Weird problem with ODS PDF - searching within PDF doesn't work (SAS 9.2 only?)

Hi All,

I've got a weird problem, which might be SAS 9.2 (windows) only.  I output a PDF file (using ODS PDF), then I search in the PDF using find, in either acrobat reader or a 3rd party reader. But I don't find what I'm looking for.  Specifically, if I search for "Q" (without speech marks) I find lower case d.  If I search for "1" I find lower case a.  And if I search for "Q1" I don't find anything (even though there are lots of Q1s in the PDF file).

Has anyone else come across this?  Is there a solution?  It's difficult to search the support site or web for this, 'cos I find lots of PDF files about how to find standard errors.  I



Jeremy Miles
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