Re: why is this warning(error) ??????????

SAS_Learner ,

You can do what you want, Yes you can use a label statement as well as a
format statement.  Teo things you need to do, lose the parens and the
format.  Ther label and format statements are giving you the error, teh
particular construct of these you have choosen to use are not aplicable
within sql.  But SQl has its own constructs to achieve the same thing.

Try the following:

proc sql ;
create table test as <---- Need a 'as' here
Select Customer Format = $char4.    Label ='Customer number  '  ,
           Item       Format = $char10.  Label = 'Item purchased    '  ,
           units       Format = 8.           Label = '# Units purchased '  ,
           unitcost  Format = Dollar12.2 Label = 'Unit cost'
  From < you didnt have anything here but you need to refernece a data set>
quit ;

Toby Dunn

From: SAS_learner <proccontents@GMAIL.COM>
Reply-To: SAS_learner <proccontents@GMAIL.COM>
Subject: why is this warning(error) ??????????
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 23:46:02 -0400

Guys I am using SAS 8.2 version on windows xp platform , I am trying to do
something like this and I getting this warning in the Log can some body
explain me why and how to solve it

proc sql ;
36   create table test
37      (customer char(4) ,
38       item char(10) ,
39       units num,
40       unitcost num(8,2));
NOTE: Table WORK.TEST created, with 0 rows and 4 columns.
41       label customer = 'Customer number '
WARNING: This SAS global statement is not supported in PROC SQL. It has been
42               item = 'Item purchased '
43               units = '# Units purchased '
44               unitcost = 'Unit cost'
45       format unitcost  dollar12.2;
46   quit;
tobydunn (6020)
6/21/2006 1:37:06 PM
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