Re: XML data to SAS data set converstion #2

A correction. The initial post asked:

"Is it possible to convert an XML data to SAS data set without a SAS

If there is no SAS at all in a particular shop, then there is no way to do
this conversion. If access to SAS is available via IOM then there are ways.
What "environment" means becomes the question.

If a shop can simply convert into a compatible SAS XML format that is a
possibility. The other is to convert it into a delimited file or get it into
a database that a SAS shop can read.

The SAS dataset layout is binary and unknown. You could put it into a SAS
transport file as well since that layout is known. I do not know of any
tool, though, that can take XML and convert it into a transport file.


Alan Churchill

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It depends on the XML document. What is the complexity and what O/S are you
running on?

I have built utilities for doing XML to SAS conversion. You would need to
use a .NET language and consume the dll. The tool can be found at:


Look for Data Management Utilities.

You could also try my XML to delimited and see if that works for you. I
haven't touched it in a few years so let me know if does not work.

For other tools, buy XmlSpy and do a conversion to a format that SAS can
read. Load your XML document and then have it convert it to a text or
database. You would need the correct SAS/Access product to do the database
import into SAS.

If it is a 1 time thing, I can do the conversion. Contact me directly if


Alan Churchill

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Subject: XML data to SAS data set converstion


  Is it possible to convert an XML data to SAS data set without a SAS

  1.       If yes please send me details about that tool?

  2.      If not, suggestions requested about the best tool for XML to SAS
data set conversion.


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