Read Access Violation error

The following error is printed in the job after the attached macro has


ERROR:  Read Access Violation In Task [ Submit )

Exception occurred at (011C43E4)

Task Traceback

Address   Frame     (DBGHELP API Version 4.0 rev 5)

011C43E4  04A7EA34  sashost:Main+0x1D754

011B9BCE  04A7EA94  sashost:Main+0x12F3E

011BB0F3  04A7EAE8  sashost:Main+0x14463

6796FBDB  04A7EB28  sasxkern:mcn_main+0x1EBDB

60C28BFE  04A7EBF0  saspso:mcn_main+0x27BFE

60C27F76  04A7EC24  saspso:mcn_main+0x26F76

60C3198E  04A7EC7C  saspso:mcn_main+0x3098E

60C332FF  04A7ECB8  saspso:mcn_main+0x322FF

60C155C2  04A7EDA0  saspso:mcn_main+0x145C2

60C01565  04A7EDC8  saspso:mcn_main+0x565

67141447  04A7EDEC  sasoda:mcn_main+0x447

674D6734  04A7F648  sasods:mcn_main+0x45734

67456E31  04A7F99C  sasodst:mcn_main+0x5E31

674F6461  04A7FA34  sasods:mcn_main+0x65461

67871D03  04A7FAC4  sasxshel:mcn_main+0x30D03

67871381  04A7FAD4  sasxshel:mcn_main+0x30381

674F6A1F  04A7FBB0  sasods:mcn_main+0x65A1F

67451124  04A7FC04  sasodst:mcn_main+0x124

676A1EC9  04A7FC70  sasxany:mcn_main+0xEC9

67842617  04A7FD08  sasxshel:mcn_main+0x1617

6785A2A6  04A7FD8C  sasxshel:mcn_main+0x192A6

67878880  04A7FEE8  sasxshel:mcn_main+0x37880

67876CBE  04A7FF58  sasxshel:mcn_main+0x35CBE

6787A54E  04A7FF88  sasxshel:mcn_main+0x3954E

011B2B02  04A7FFA0  sashost:Main+0xBE72

011B6C20  04A7FFB4  sashost:Main+0xFF90

7C80B50B  04A7FFEC  kernel32:GetModuleFileNameA+0x1B4


ERROR: Generic critical error.


Will you please assist as soon as possible? Thank you
7/17/2008 11:02:02 AM
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