SAS created Excel files unreadable under Win 7

hi all:

a week ago i finally did a clean install of 64-bit windows 7 on an
almmost 3-year dual Opteron box that had been running 64-bit XP since
October 2007

i'm running the latest 64-bit v9.2 and Office 2007

today, when i went to open an Excel file created from one of my sas
jobs and Excel siad it found unreadable content and asked if i wanted
to recover it ... of course i said yes, yet when i opened the file,
all data was gone

ggogled all around and found other posts saying that Excel file
created by other 3rd party apps would give the same unreadable message
under Win 7 (using both Excel 2003 & 2007)

i then opened my 64-bit Vista laptop here at the office, and was able
to open the SAS created Excel file (that was still on my dual Opteron
box) with no problems

saved it, first to the laptop (and then copied to the desktop machine)
and secondly, saved it directly back to the desktop after opening

and then it would open fine under Win7 ?!?!!?

note: on the proc export i use the DBMS = XLS option (as that's the
only one that will work w/ 64-bit *and* support the SHEET option)

according to the all the other posts i had discovered/read, M$ has
failed to respond to this apparent problem w/ Win 7 reading Excel
files created by these other 3rd party apps (that all worked, and
still work, fine under Vista and XP


many of these other posts did not mention any 64-bitness ....


was wondering, if anyone out ther under Win 7 might whip out a quick
SAS created/test Excel file & see if it opens OK for you

again: it appears that whatever file-format SAS and these 3rd party
apps have been using is no longer working under Win 7

5/18/2010 12:54:23 AM
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