[wx 2.4.0, redhat 7.3, gcc 2.96] Font sample cannot find scalable fonts on custom linux machine

[wx 2.4.0, redhat 7.3, gcc 2.96] Font sample cannot
find scalable fonts on custom linux machine


I am trying to use a True Type font in a wxWindows
application running on linux.  I'm also new to most of
the technologies invloved, linux, wxWidgets, and
KDrive (a slimmed down XFree86 build).

My current application uses the KDrive/TinyX Xvesa
Xserver built with XFree86 4.2.0 code.  I upgraded to
XFree86 4.5.0 because that version of KDrive/TinyX
supports client-side scalable fonts.  The bitmapped
font currently used is either coming from KDrive or
the wxWidgets software (I'm not sure which).

The application is running on a device that uses a Red
Hat 7.3 linux kernel, and a custom built RPL-image 
for diskless booting.  Some files are not where a Unix
app might expect to find them, which I think is what
is causing my problem.

The problem is, when I run the samples/font program on
the device, it cannot find any fonts.  When I use the
font program to navigate to where the font files are
stored, it says they do not have any "charset"

I built the 'font' sample program on a normal Redhat
7.3 machine, and the sample font program was able to
find the installed fonts.  It only does not work when
I run it on the PC-based device.

I'm mostly curious how wxWindows finds the installed
fonts, and if I need to tweak the source (or create
some symlinks) to help it find them.

My overall goal is to get the sample font program to
display True Type fonts on the screen. I rebuilt the
KDrive/TinyX server to support scalable TrueType
fonts, and I added the fonts to the font directory -
and did the appropriate other linux stuff (ttmkfdir,
mkfontdir, etc).  If I can get the font program to
display scalable fonts on my Pc-device, then I will
change my orginal program to use scalable fonts - with
the expectation that it should work.

My fonts.dir and fonts.alias are stored in a
non-standard location, but KDrive is built with the
"DefaultFontPath" changed accordingly.  My fear is
that wxWidows expects the font files to be in the
normal unixy locations.

The only fonts being used by my app are the default
wxWindows fonts, with some text being displayed with a
request to use the "smallest" font.

thanks for any ideas!

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