Clarion Call.

Listen and read carefully=2C I have found seriousness in you and that is why I have decided to involve you in this transaction o=2Ek =2C I am a woman of substance and  of great importance to my nation and the society in general=2E I will not entertain any act of unseriousness from you in this transaction o=2Ek you must take instructions from me at all time and for security reasons you will only communicate me only by my email for now o=2Ek=2E

I am Dr=2E Mrs LOUISA EJERCITOR ESTRADA =2C the wife of Mr Joseph Estrada the former President of Philippine located in the south east Asia=2E My husband was presently impeached from office by a backed uprising of mass demonstrators and the senate=2E During my husband's regime as president of Philippine=2C I realised US$21 millions of dollars from various contract projects I executed successfully=2E I had planed to invest this money in Real Estate and Industral Production=2E 

Now I have used an NGO to move the money to a bank outside Philippine awaiting transfer=2C I want you to assist me transfer the money to your bank account as the Beneficiary=2Fmy Proxy because I do not want the Philippine Government to trace and confiscate this one=2E they have confiscated all our asset=2E This is the only money left for me and my family o=2Ek=2E

 I will offer you 40% of the total fund=2C and you must keep it very secret and confidential o=2Ek=2E There is no risk involved=2C all I want from you is your corporation so that we can have a sucessful transaction as all modalities has been put in place I look forward to having a good relationship with you o=2Ek
Dr Mrs Louise Estrade=2C 
Wife to former philippine president=2E

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12/3/2003 4:14:41 PM
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She found seriousness in me?
She chose me?

This is my lucky day!    ;-)

12/4/2003 1:06:30 AM