Dependency problems migrating from 2.4.2 to [wx 2.6.1, WinXP, VC 7.1]

Hi folks,

I'm trying to migrate some applications from wx2.4.2 to 2.6.1.  It's
wonderful that the libraries are now separate rather than monolithic,
because i only need wxBase and wxCore.

However, at link time, i get errors like this:
LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'wxbase26d_net.lib'

Now, i don't need or want the wxNet library (the whole point of not having a
monolithic build is that we shouldn't have to link with all these.)
However, this link dependency is apparently _required_ by wxWidgets 2.6.1,
because of the file "include/msvc/wx/setup.h", which contains lines like

            #pragma comment(lib,"wxbase26d_net")
            #pragma comment(lib,"wxbase26d_xml")
            #pragma comment(lib,"wxmsw26d_adv")

These pragmas force link dependencies on a whole host of non-core libraries.
Are we supposed to edit that list of pragmas ourselves?  I don't see
anything in the docs, Wiki, or list archive that says such a thing is
required.  Nor does it make sense that it would be required.

Ben Discoe

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6/21/2005 5:39:57 AM
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