Re: Crash when using wxTextCtrl with xwGTK-2.4.1 and wxGTK-2.4.2

> Hi again.
> > Hmm... how reliable is a compiler built with a broken compiler...? :)
> I had the same thought in my mind, but didn't dared to ask (or say)....
> P.

It's a good question - It's actually okay because of how gcc builds.
Say you are going to build 3.3.2 with 3.3.1
What happens is that stage 1 builds 3.3.2 with 3.3.1
Stage 2 then builds 3.3.2 with the 3.3.2 you just built in stage 1.
Stage 3 (optional) then builds 3.3.2 with the 3.3.2 built in stage 2.
The binary output of stage 2 and stage 3 are then compared to make sure they
are identical.
That's why it takes so long to build the thing :)

Also, gcc is written in C. 3.3.1 is okay for C, it's just the C++ bits that
are broken.


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1/29/2004 8:04:01 AM
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