ANN: Parallel and Concurrent Development Vol. 3 No. 6

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 -    In This Issue

* Agile SCM:
  Learning from Concurrent, Parallel, and Distributed Systems Design
  Brad Appleton, Steve Berczuk, Steve Konieczka

* Building Zone:
  Don't Let Your Controlled Build Process be Undermined by Sloppy
Deployments (Part 2)
  Maciej Zawadzki

* Implementation Excellence:
  Approaching Parallel Development
  Mario Moreira

* Practicing SCM:
  Parallel Software Development is the New Normal
  Michael Sayko

* SCM Patterns: Building on 'Task-Level Commit'
  Austin Hastings

* The Role of Patterns and Anti-Patterns in
  Standards and Organizational Best Practices
  Cynthia Hauer

* Book of the Month -
  Software Configuration Management Implementation Roadmap
  by Mario Moreira

  Editors Note
What does parallel development mean to you? How does it impact your
development and configuration management teams? To each of us, there are a
wide variety of "opportunities" uncovered when deploying parallel
development methodologies. As a first step, I recommend that you understand
exactly what your tool vendors and your other team members mean when they
say "parallel development."  Many confuse, or use interchangeably, the terms
parallel and concurrent development.  Are you talking about one team in
which several members work on the same code, or multiple teams working on
different releases of the same application?

This month the CM Crossroads editors discuss the issues and impacts of
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