AMD-K6 2/350 MHz Tower Computer System w/Monitor! CHEAP!! $35.00

This system is a basic starter. I am presently using it with my child
for word processing and painting. It comes with Comptons and Encarta
interactive learning CD-ROM's.  The sound card is installed but
inoperative - need drivers. The USB ports are installed but
inoperative - need drivers. The system boots to Windows 98 but
displays one file error (msnp32.dll)... just press enter and the
system finish the boot process. The system includes a Magnavox VGA
Color Monitor, a PS2 mouse, integrated keyboard, and all power cords.
No modem or computer speakers included! If you know how to install
drivers, a modem,  and make a few fixes,  you'll end up with a 'pretty
good' computer!

The system is sold AS-IS! As a special feature, I will provide a free
56K modem card with telephony software, integrated sound card, and
drivers. This card also includes a joystick adapter with drivers!
These items are not installed and will be packaged with the unit!

AMD-K6 2/350 MHz Tower Computer System w/Monitor 

512K Cache 
CPU Power Card 
Heat Sink with Fan 
2GB Hard Drive 
Double-Speed CD-ROM Drive 
1.44 MB Floppy Drive 
Expansion Bus Slots 
3 PCI slots and 2 16-bit (long) slots 
2 USB Ports (inoperative, rear) 
No Parallel Printer Port Installed 
CMI8330 Sound Card with Joystick Device (inoperative) 
Mic In 
1 Line In 
1 Line Out 
AT Power Supply with fan 
PS2 Mouse 
Keyboard (large plug-in) 
Trident Display Adapter 
Software Included: pre-installed 
Windows 98 Operating System 
Microsoft Works for Windows 
Corel Word Perfect 8
Compton Encyclopedia 95 CD-ROM 
Microsoft Encarta Interactive CD-ROM 
Magnavox CM903915" VGA Color Monitor (includes power cord, and swivel
Local Pick-up is Optional! 
$35.00 via PayPal Only! 

If you prefer shipping, buyer will pay a fixed shipping cost of
$55.00! If you prefer a local pick-up, After Buy It Now and payment
via PayPal... you'll receive my home address & telephone  number to
arrange a local pick-up from 72801 zip code. You must pick-up the
system within ten (10) days. Email me if you have questions!

Photo available....

Write or PayPal to...

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10/19/2003 8:41:06 AM
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