New Database Announcement : Device Control Database


The use of voice control in mobile and embedded devices, from PDAs and
phones to automotive systems has become increasingly important. 
Business awareness of the possibilities offered by this technology,
and ever growing legislation restricting the use of mobile equipment,
is driving this market forward.  As the technology makes the
transition from professional users to consumers, high recognition
accuracy is paramount for any product to gain widespread penetration.

Collected by 20/20 Speech Limited, the Device Control Database
consists of over 17 hours of high-quality recordings from 47
UK-English speakers covering a range of possible applications for
controlling PDAs and other small or embedded devices.  The data was
recorded using the internal microphone of a Compaq� iPAQ�.  This was
selected as representative of the type of microphone and packaging
typically associated which such PDA and embedded systems.

Material (per speaker)

�Phone Dialling	10 sequences of ten-digit telephone numbers 
�Car Commands	25 command phrases with audio, telephone and navigation
                emphasis (e.g. "radio on" and "show map")
�PDA Commands	52 �PDA' type commands. (e.g. "standby", "synchronise")
�Months: 	The 12 months of the year, spelt alphabetically 
�Postcodes: 	10 UK-style postcodes (e.g. WR14 3SZ)
�Place Names: 	10 UK place names (e.g. "Midlands, Coventry")
�Freeform Dictation 	3 dictated messages including spelt words
�Message	 A message spelt alphabetically 

All data was recorded on an internal iPAQ microphone (22.05KHz
Sampling Rate, 16 bit precision), in both hand-held (PDA at arms
length by the user) and in docking-cradle (directly in front of
speaker) positions.

Pricing available on application

Just one of the family

The Device Control Database is just one of a family of quality
databases recorded by 20/20 Speech.   These include the Accents of the
British Isles Database and the Speaker under Stress Database
containing stressed, quiet and shouted speech.  Further information
regarding these databases and how they may be used, can be found on
our website, www.aurix.com.

If you have a specific requirement for a database, 20/20 Speech also
offer a bespoke database service, managing all aspects of project
management, database design, recording and transcription.

About 20/20 Speech

20/20 Speech Ltd has been at the forefront of developments in speech
technology for over 30 years, initially as the UK Government's Speech
Research Unit (SRU) and more recently as speech technology company
20/20 Speech Ltd (a joint venture between QinetiQ and NXT plc).  
Through the innovative Aurix� range of products, solutions and
consultancy, 20/20 Speech offers a unique set of tools that enable
third parties to build speech driven interfaces for their
applications.  Please visit www.aurix.com for further details.

For further information please contact 20/20 Speech:
Email: enquiries@2020speech.com or Tel: +44 (0) 1684 585100
11/24/2003 2:29:26 PM
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