Acorn Publisher / Acorn User / Qercus

By now some people should have received their copy of Qercus - ie issue
268 of Acorn User or vol 10 issue 1 of Acorn Publisher. The additional
printing numbers and distribution is new to us so we're not sure how long
it will take to get to all subscribers or to be available in the shops.
Some bulk mailings to overseas customers may not go until next week.

Our experience so far with the database we inherited from Tau Press is
that some customers will receive duplicate copies of the magazine whilst
others will not receive one at all. We have been working hard to put right
as many errors as we could identify but we know there are still some
problems remaining.

If you receive an extra issue will you please let us know and tell us
which reference numbers are on the two (three/four!) labels so that we can
put it right for next time. Please don't return any copies - donate
duplicates to a friend, library, dentist/doctor's waiting room &c

If you don't receive your copy (UK) then please do not let us know until
the middle of next week; we have arranged to do *another* sweep of the
database after the SW Show and may have sorted out outstanding problems by
the time you call. Whilst far-flung Acorn User subscribers should receive
their copies faster than before they should give it an extra week at least
before reporting non-receipt.

For this occasion reminders have been sent separately from the magazine
and should have already been received by UK subscribers who need to renew
their subscription. If you have received a reminder but have already
re-subscribed recently to Tau Press then don't panic; you will still get a
copy of this issue of the magazine and have a couple of weeks to sort out
the problem before labels for the next issue are prepared.

You may guess that we have had a tough time getting this issue out! We
think it will be worth the wait and the following issue is in line for
publication after an interval of 3-4 weeks. Details of the current issue
will be given in another .announce and on our web-site over the next
of days.

See (some of) you at the South West Show on Saturday,

John Cartmell editor Qercus  - editor@qercus.com  www.qercus.com
	Qercus: a fusion of Acorn Publisher & Acorn User magazines
one magazine for graphics & design  -  one magazine for all RISC OS users
	Finnybank Ltd 30 Finnybank Rd Sale M33 6LR  == 0161 969 9820
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Qercus (Acorn User / Acorn Publisher) binders
The new Qercus binders will be available within 2 weeks and we're taking orders now. They are available in dark blue with the Qercus logo in gold on the spine. The binders will match previous Acorn Publisher binders but will hold 14 copies of the magazine so Qercus readers will have a spare string for notes and indexes whilst Acorn Publisher readers will have room for two years' issues including two annual special issues of Qercus. Qercus is well-worth collecting so order your binder today. Binders will cost 8.95 each inc UK postage and may (just) be available at Wakefield. Until the end of May new subscribers starting their subscription with issue 268, and ordering a binder at the same time, will receive their first issue free. ie UK subscription + binder = 49.95 + 8.95 = 58.90 for year's subscription from issue 269 with issue 268 free. Orders should be sent to "Finnybank Ltd" 30 Finnybank Road Sale M33 6LR or by phone to 0161 969 9820. Cheques or cards can be accepted. Binders and magazines will be despatched together as soon as the binders are available. -- John Cartmell editor Qercus - editor@qercus.com www.qercus.com Qercus: a fusion of Acorn Publisher & Acorn User magazines one magazine for graphics & design - one magazine for all RISC OS users Finnybank Ltd 30 Finnybank Rd Sale M33 6LR == 0161 969 9820 _______________________________________________________________ a.m.conroy@argonet.co.uk, Moderator of comp.sys.acorn.anno...

Acorn User / Qercus
Finnybank Ltd earlier announced that it has purchased Acorn User magazine from Tau Press and promised more details of the format of the new magazine. Finnybank now own both Acorn Publisher and Acorn User magazine and whilst it might be tempting to simply merge the two publications there are subscribers to Acorn Publisher who may not be interested in taking a general RISC OS magazine. Acorn Publisher will consequently continue as it is at present and will be produced every two months as in the past using the same team of contributors as before. UK Subscription rates will remain unchanged but t...

Acorn User / Qercus
csa announce We have made an announcement of issue 269 of Qercus / Acorn User but it has not yet appeared here. In short it should be with you this week. We're also trying to make sense of the records we received from Tau Press and it's clear that a good number of subscribers have not received their copies of Acorn User / Qercus from us because they were not included in the database that we received from Tau Press. Working our way through the paper records is a slow job so if you - or anyone you know - should be getting the magazine by subscription then please check that you have at ...

Acorn NC or Acorn NetStation, looking for one.
I am looking for an Acorn NC with ethernet interface! If someone has one, please let me know, and a reasonable price. Complete, with the remote and etc! Thanks! Leonardo leonardo@editek.com In message <1192995978.255456.168910@y27g2000pre.googlegroups.com> leonardo.cohen@gmail.com wrote: > I am looking for an Acorn NC with ethernet interface! If someone has > one, please let me know, and a reasonable price. Complete, with the > remote and etc! I shall be eBaying an NC with ethernet, but no remote, fairly shortly, possibly in the next few weeks. Alan -- RISC OS - you know it makes cents ...

Acorn User
Question for curiosities sake. When Acorn User changed publishers back in the January 1993 issue, the page numbering changed. At Redwood press the page numbering did not count either the outside or inside front and rear covers. However when Europress took over, page numbering started on the outside front cover. My question is. Was there a particular reason for this change or was it change for the sake of change? Regards -- Paul Stewart - Far Bletchley, Milton Keynes, England. (msn:sa110@hotmail.com) Be Bold. Dare To Be Different. Use RISC OS (http://www.riscos.com). It's ...

Qercus / Acorn User 280
Qercus 280 will be dropping through your letter box sometime very soon. The first batch left our office today. Qercus 280 is a special issue as it is the first to include the new title that we are using throughout 2007 to celebrate the 25 years since Acorn User started to support the BBC Acorn computers. Qercus/Acorn User includes a number of special features in addition to the usual range that you find in Qercus. In addition our website will include extra articles rescued from the early days of Acorn User. These will begin to appear as soon as we have completed phase one of the Acorn User archive site at www.acornuser.com Qercus / Acorn User 280: Editorials One looking back (and forwards) and a guest column saying that compatibility does not mean cloning. News Thanks to Justin Fletcher and a look forward to Select 4.1. Reminder of the South west Show. Andrew Hopper, Thunderbird, C/C++, Grapevine, TextEffX, &c. Turning on the Style - producing artwork in the style of JMW Turner (see cover) - from David Cowell. American Type & Goudy - A history of Type by Peter Newble. Islands - Chris Wraight's version of the Risk game. ArtWorks - Chris Jarman tells you why you need to upgrade. Web Wonder - Sue Norcross takes a first look at the newly extended web site editor. Acorn User Special: Introduction with readers' offers on games. Acorn User - the first ten years. Acorn User - the Early Days - Paul Beverley recalls writing for Acorn ...

Happy New Year from Qercus/Acorn User magazine
Is it June already? -- *A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well* Dave Plowman dave@davenoise.co.uk London SW To e-mail, change noise into sound. ...

Qercus / Acorn User 281 April 2007 issue
Qercus issue 281 is now on its way to subscribers. Anyone who wishes to purchase a single copy may do so direct from the publishers. Qercus 281 continues the theme of the 2007 issues of Qercus being titled Qercus/Acorn User in order to signal the 25th anniversary of Acorn User magazine. Those of you looking for the music cover will be disappointed. We decided to avoid another 'white page' cover and so you are presented with a (much better) digital tree in its place. In Qercus 281 we advertise the Wakefield 2007 Show and its new location, the about-to-be-released RO6 manuals, and new releases for Wakefield. We return to the problematic subject of Masks for an Abstract completed in the style of David Cowell - but this time by Richard Ashbery. So many find the idea of Masks difficult and we have now tackled the subject from three perspectives by different authors. In a new series we continue the subjects of Genealogy and Graphicacy by displaying and annotating a page display designed to bring together a set of difficult genealogical problems from a piece of real research. Annotated Ideas will develop as a series and look at display and technical pages from a range of disciplines and backgrounds. The Qercus editor welcomes other contributions to the series. Some of you may remember Philip's Music Scribe - a program for producing music for typesetting. This month we feature an article by its author, Philip Hazel, and our web-site will be giving details of the con...

Qercus / Acorn User 282
Advertisers - Contributors: Although the last copies of Qercus 281 have only just been posted to subscribers we are also nearing completion of Qercus 282. Advertisers, contributors, &c shouldn't be misled into thinking that you can wait a month to send the copy - it really is needed right now! Issue 282 is the May issue and issue 283 the June issue. Whilst we need copy *now* for the May issue we also have an early date for copy for issue 283 (June) to give us plenty of time to prepare the special July/August issue of Qercus / Acorn User. Additional copies of the magazine with agreements/invoices should (finally) be on their way to you next week. Subscribers: We have had to bring forward some articles so others have been delayed. We expect to get all promised articles published by the end of the summer. NB We expect copies of the current issue (281) to be delivered anytime from today onwards but, due to the vagaries of postal systems, please don't report non-receipt (UK) until this time next week. Overseas subscribers should calculate expected date of receipt assuming items were posted today (ie when the last batch was actually sent). Good reading! And we look forward to seeing (some of) you at the new Wakefield venue on Saturday 19th May - details of the Show in Qercus 281 of course. -- John Cartmell - editor AT qercus.com www.qercus.com www.acornuser.com Qercus/Acorn User: reporting on computers & computing since 1982 Qercus/Acorn User, 30 Finny...

Qercus 284
Qercus 284 will be with subscribers over the next few days. This issue covers RISC OS events throughout July & August and prepares readers for the busy Autumn season. We introduce our RISC OS Guide which, in future, will be a rolling list of RISC OS products and services replacing our Contacts page. User Groups will now be listed on the web site but can also apply to appear on the Guide page. We start our round-up of what makes the RISC OS community special with a look at the RISC OS Shows including full details of the South East Show and the Midlands Christmas Show. Our Professional Desktop Publishing feature starts with the selection of The Right Type by David Bradforth. Root and Branch (genealogy) part 3 examines the GEDCOM file format with the aid of Robert Hemmings who wrote the reader for GEDCOM files that was featured in Star Info some time ago. Fred Wyropiquet starts a series on Games Mathematical. The series will be about the use of mathematics and computing in games and will often challenge readers to produce a program related to the article. The first article shows the mathematics behind a magic trick. Items from the article are available to download from the Qercus site and there are pages to print out for a set of three bonus pencil and paper games that have been devised just for you. Check pages 24/25 for this month's special offer for new and repeat subscriptions. The second part of the DTP special is Hot Off the Press by Mark Moxon w...

Happy New Year from Qercus/Acorn User magazine
A very happy New Year to all our readers, advertisers and contributors. 2007 is a very special year for us as we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of Acorn User magazine. Throughout the year each issue of Qercus - Qercus/Acorn User for the duration of 2007 - will include references to articles from the past, reported by the original authors and others responsible for the ground-breaking Acorn (and subsequent) computers. To accompany the magazine itself we will be developing an archive Acorn User site that will keep pace with items that are reported in Qercus and additional articles and 'reprints' will find their way into our on-line magazine. The very first few issues of Acorn User from 1982 are already catalogued (covers and contents pages) on the new Acorn User site with hints to the archive contents of Qercus issue 280. Selected articles from those issues will be linked from the Acorn User site when issue 280 is published at the end of the month. Our aim is to have sample covers and contents lists from the whole of the output of Acorn User by the end of the year - and to add links to archive and updated articles, series, and software that represent the output of Acorn User and Qercus/Acorn User from 1982 to date. Those of you running web-sites that record Acorn and related hardware and software may want to request links from specific articles in our contents lists. If so please contact us at the Qercus/Acorn User office. Issue 280 of Qercus/Acorn User ...

Acorns fall next to the tree [Acorn stuff on ebuy UK]
I usually don't surf Acorns, but I noticed some on ebuy. Acorn RiscOS 3.5 ROMs - no reserve Acorn 486 Co-processor card - no reserve Acorn Arm610 processor card - no reserve ...

FA: Acorn Archimedes A310 and Acorn AKF50 Monitor #2
For Auction on eBay (Less than 20 hours to go): Acorn Archimedes A310 and Acorn AKF50 Monitor British Broadcasting Corporation Microcomputer System Processor: ARM 3 Memory: 8 MB Hard Disc: 350 MB Podules: Design IT E500 Access+ (Ethernet 10Base2) Oak SCSI Interface Watford Electronics Scanner Peripherals: 3-button mouse Original keyboard with extension cable Watford Electronics Hand Scanner Monitor: Acorn AKF50 with mains connection to A310 and 9/15 adapter. Slight superficial damage to monitor case. Used to be in daily use. Needed only fresh AA batteries (for CMOS RAM) to ov...

Acorn User archive
The first phase of the Acorn User archive project is now complete. The Acorn User web-site at www.acornuser.com now has a complete listing of all issues of Acorn User together with the front cover and a contents listing. The project is being done by John Peachey and his team - and they have completed this first phase months earlier than expected. Many thanks to them. Over the next few weeks we will start to add links to selections of the articles themselves. The original electronic versions of the articles no longer exist so only a very small selection of articles can be reproduced from the paper sources and we will be republishing some in an updated and re-edited form whilst others may be reproduced as images of the original page. This phase of the project will take very much longer and will be an ongoing task - but to start it we are looking to you to say which of the articles and series from Acorn User you would like to see re-emerge. To start with we have identified: histories of Acorn; reviews of significant items of hardware & software; general tutorials; programming using BBC BASIC, Assembler, C, &c. If you would like to see any articles from Acorn User being made available on the web then please tell us which you would like to see - either in its original form or updated; it will take a great deal of work to reproduce the articles so we want to ensure that we include what many of you want. Please browse through the contents ...

Acorn User #2
Finnybank Ltd and Tau Press today announced the sale of Acorn User magazine. Tau Press have been responsible for publishing Acorn User for the last five years, mainly under the editorship of Steve Turnbull. The magazine now passes into the hands of Finnybank Ltd who currently produce Acorn Publisher magazine. Steve Turnbull from Tau Press commented "I am very happy that John has agreed to take over the publication of Acorn User. With Tau Press moving into new areas we won.t be able to devote all our energies to it and a change in publisher always generates new ideas and new viewpoints. Y...

Acorn User CDs
I'm having a clearout. I have: Acorn User CD 1 Acorn User CD 2 Acorn User CD 3 Acorn User CD 10 [the one with the Krisalis games on it] I'm open to an offer for the lot. Definitely interested... Can you contact me by email at lock_gareth at yahoo dot co dot uk. ...

Acorn Users / Quercuses
Hi, I have a large number of old Acorn Users and Quercues (Querci?); which I'd rather not dispose of without making an attempt to find someone who might like them. They're probably not a complete sequence (I expect I've lost a few over the years) and almost all of the cover media have been removed and lost; but I'll happily give them away for free to anyone who can come around to my house in Cambridge and take them; or I could think about shipping (but magazines in quantity get quite heavy I think?). J. -- Jonathan Amery. Through many dangers, toils and...

Some Acorn user discs
Hello, I have a stack of Acorn User discs sitting in my room (about 75) which need shifting. Out of curiosity, are they worth anything to anyone out there? I haven't decided what to do with them yet, but if no one in my immediate circle can find a use for them, perhaps someone else might offer something for them. W.Simpson In article <JMjXc.415$Ch2.349@newsfe2-gui.ntli.net>, W.Simpson <simpsons.dot.box@ntlworld.dot.com> wrote: > Hello, > I have a stack of Acorn User discs sitting in my room (about 75) which > need shifting. Out of curiosity, are they worth an...

Acorn Publisher Magazine
Acorn Publisher Volume 9 Number 5 (July 2003) free to a good home, email me if interested. Cheers Matthew -- to reply remove "_No_Spam_" to reply Message Sent from an Iyonix (www.iyonix.com) running RISC OS 5.03 ...

Acorn User back issues
We're now able to offer Acorn User back issues up to the December 2004 issue. It will take a few weeks to sort out exactly which issues are available and we will be offering them in bundles at discounted proces. In the meantime individual copies can be purchased (where available) at �4.20 + p&p. If you want a particular issue then let us know and we'll search for it for you. If you want a number of issues then we'll do the same and offer a significant discount. NB Most issues of Acorn User sold out soon after publication unlike Acorn Publisher where extra copies were deliberat...

FS: Acorn Publisher mags
Acorn Publisher magazines in excellent condition from Vol1 Issue ! throught ot Vol 7 Issue 3. Please mke an offer if interested and bear in mind that you will have to collect or pay postage. Not sure what postage will cost at this stage. Please e-mail me at alan at design-jazz dot com but i will look back in here once or twice, but not for a day or two. Alan In article <433d056e.0@entanet>, Enta News <thisisnot@realemailaddress> wrote: > Acorn Publisher magazines in excellent condition from Vol1 Issue ! throught > ot Vol 7 Issue 3. > Please make an offer...

Acorn User ABC figures
Does anyone know how many readers Acorn User got in its heyday? I have a feeling the readership was about 60,000 at one point, but if anyone knows what the Audit Bureau of Circulation figures were, I'd be hugely grateful. Alex -- Alex Singleton http://www.alexsingleton.com/ In article <BC1893F7.DE3C%usenet@dontspammealexsingleton.com>, Alex Singleton <URL:mailto:usenet@dontspammealexsingleton.com> wrote: > Does anyone know how many readers Acorn User got in its heyday? I have a > feeling the readership was about 60,000 at one point, but if anyone knows > what the...

Has anyone got the Acorn User first CD-ROM ? the one that contained the cover discs from Acorn Computing on it. It's just that I have been trying to get hold of the BBC Micro 8bit 5.25" subscription disc for Volume 11 Number 11 (Special Issue 1993) without any luck, however a response on the Archive mailing list has left me a bit confused, the following was posted � Re:Someone was wanting 8bs software for year 93 which one was it these are done as 93_01S , 93_02S, 93_03S , 93_04S�, 93_05S , 93_06S , 93-07S 93_07S , 93_08S , 93_09S , 93_10S , 93_11S and 93_12S ?. as on the CD-ROM...

Southampton Acorn Users Group
The next meeting of the Southampton Acorn Users Group will take place on Monday January 9th, at Itchen College, Middle Road, Bitterne, Southampton, from 19:00 until 21:00. We will probably be in room E1. Admission is free and all are welcome. Bring along all the computing stuff that you'd like to. Although our meetings are usually on the second Monday of every month except August, we will have to vary that this February and April. The dates will be: January 9th February 6th (Note: this is the first Monday) March 13th April: Date to be advised May 8th June 12th July 10th The second Monday in February falls in the college's half term, so we will meet one week early. This April is remarkable: the first three Mondays all fall in the college's Easter holiday. I will sort out a date a bit nearer the time. For further information, please either e-mail davehigton@dsl.pipex.com or ring me on 023 8022 2312. Dave _______________________________________________________________ a.m.conroy@argonet.co.uk, Moderator of comp.sys.acorn.announce. Submissions to csaa@owlart.net Related mail to csaa-request@owlart.net ...

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