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For Master Network Pro's
NEW PC/Network Maintenance Kit
The ultimate tool kit for maintaining network, 
LAN and PC environments. The 500-020 PC and 
Master Network Installation Maintenance Tool Kit
combines the best elements of our Network Tool
Kit with the key tools from our Computer Repair
Tool Kit. We then added a Cat 5 Cable Tester to
create our most complete Datacom Tool Kit ever.
It is the ideal tool kit for any IT department!

Details: http://www.forpctechs.com/store/p292.htm

For Electronic Pro's
Whether you are servicing office equipment or
computers and networks the Electronic Pro Technician
Service Tool Kit has the perfect compliment of
tools for today's multi-brand environments.
Specifically designed with Master Field Service
Engineers in mind, this kit puts you in control,
no matter how complex the job becomes. Not only 
is this our best field service kit, but it's price
is simply unbeatable. Comparable kits can cost you
hundreds more, yet still not include the quality
brands found in the Ultra Pro Kit.

Details: http://www.forpctechs.com/store/p286.htm

For Computer & Copier Pro's
Reduce downtime by having this quality, affordable
technician tool kit on hand to repair and maintain
all types of office equipment

Details: http://www.forpctechs.com/store/p289.htm


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