No RO Sound

The thread RO Sound has covered a problem close to mine. I have VARPC on a
Vista machine and also on a Mac. Recently I realised that on the Mac my
"You've got post" with NewsHound and Pluto's news reader were silent and I
could get no sound from VARPC (Sound as it should be with the Mac itself).
The Vista PC continues as normal. I can only put this down to a recent OS
update to Sierra on the Mac which initially caused problems until it itself
was given an update.
I am hoping to find a procedure to regain the sound on VARPC which has
worked a treat on the Mac. I can remove Percussion and the like and
substitute Chimes and Bond etc which although appearing in Boot remain mute.
Thanks for any suggestions which will will be gratefully received.

11/13/2016 3:13:41 PM
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