RiscPC Parts looking for a new home!

Hello World!

Now, after i finally managed the change from my aging RiscPC to a more 
current WBK (or ARMX6 as it is called in the UK) i have some RiscPC 
parts to give away.

- 1x CPU Card StrongARM SA110 @233MHz
- 1x CPU Card ARM710 @40MHz
- 2x 128MB EDO-RAM
- 1x 2MB VRAM
- 1x 1MB VRAM

- 2x RISC OS 4.02 ROM Sets
- 1x RISC OS 3.70 ROM Set
- 1x RISC OS 3.60 ROM Set

- 2x 2-Way Backplanes
- 1x Castle Storm 32/16 SCSI II Host-Adapter with Discs
- 1x ANT NIC (BNC and Ethernet), no Discs
- 1x Design-IT NIC (Ethernet), no Discs
- 1x i-cubed NIC (BNC and Ethernet), no Discs

- 1x Sony MPF520-H FDD
- 1x Sony MPF920-H FDD
- 1x LG GCE-8526B IDE CD/RW Drive

- 1x active Centronics SCSI Terminator
- 1x active 50 PIN SCSI Terminator

Sorry, no mainboards or cases. The batteries on both boards are 
prepairing for a hard winter wearing fur. And the cases had seen some 
hard times. Yes, there was a reason for that change!

Please have in mind that i do not have any anti-static bags.
Everything except for the v3 ROM Sets and the ANT and i-cubed NIC has 
been tested just today. However, no guarantee and no warranty!

And now for the prices.
All i ask is that the "buyer" donates an unspecific amount of money to 
an unspecific charity or public organisation. That can be Red Cross / 
Red Crescent, Amnesty International, WWF or a public school or 
library. Anything that comes to mind. Except for political parties - 
not even one i perhaps may vote for.

And i do not ask for a proof of donation. It's almost christmas so we 
are honest, arent't we?

Within europe i take postage costs - thats my part of the charity.
For that reason the more you order the higher your chances.
For rates outside europe i am sure we will find an agreement.

So what can you get? (Hopefully working) spare parts for one of the 
greatest computer in history.
And what is to lose?

Any suggestions are welcome!

Your's sincerely
Hauke Wegner
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10/31/2016 9:43:12 PM
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Please contact me through the Contact page on the riscosbits website as I am interested!

10/31/2016 10:34:13 PM
In Nachricht <e36fded755.Wegner@risc001>
          Hauke Wegner <mailing-user@my-postbox.eu> schrieb:


With a happy and with a bleeding heart I can tell you that all the 
parts are found new homes.

I hope that the new owner(s) will find the parts usefull and find a 
good donation recipient!

Thanks to everyone for the offers!

Your's sincerely
Hauke Wegner
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11/1/2016 7:39:58 PM