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We have made an announcement of issue 269 of Qercus / Acorn User but it has
not yet appeared here. In short it should be with you this week.

We're also trying to make sense of the records we received from Tau Press
and it's clear that a good number of subscribers have not received their
copies of Acorn User / Qercus from us because they were not included in the
database that we received from Tau Press. Working our way through the paper
records is a slow job so if you - or anyone you know - should be getting
the magazine by subscription then please check that you have at least
received one issue from us. We want to ensure that everyone entitled to
receive the magazine is actually getting it.

Please get in touch with us by e-mail if you think you should be due a
magazine and haven't heard from us at all.


John Cartmell editor Qercus  - editor@qercus.com  www.qercus.com
	Qercus: a fusion of Acorn Publisher & Acorn User magazines
one magazine for graphics & design  -  one magazine for all RISC OS users
	Finnybank Ltd 30 Finnybank Rd Sale M33 6LR  == 0161 969 9820
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4/11/2004 6:56:29 PM
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