For Auction/Sale: BBC Micro/ Acorn Electron Stuff: Mags, Software, Drives and more...

Hi all, I would have posted this in the .announce group but it seems a bit 
dead in there.

Anyway, time for a clearout of a massive load of BBC Micro and Acorn 
Electron stuff I have:

BBC Micro Model B (BASIC and 3 other ROMS installed)
TAXAN/KAGA KP-810 Dot Matrix Printer for above

Tons of Acorn User, Micro User and Beebug magazines (there are 72 Beebugs, 
all continuous issues from volumes 3 to 10),
A few games including:
Alien 8 and Sabre Wulf (Ultimate) on tape, both in excellent condition,
2 Disc drives, untested but power up,

Acorn Electron complete with Plus 1 expansion, datacorder, cables, some 
software and books all working 100%.

And probably more that I can't recall at the moment.

I've started breaking them down into small lots and listing them on eBay 
but I'd prefer to find someone that wants to buy some of it and can collect 
locally (I'm in Northants.) as some of it weighs a ton, particularly the 
disc drives.

So as not to flood you with URLs I've listed them all on:


With links to the eBay listings.

I will also put a complete list there of everything Acorn-related.

I'd also be grateful if anyone can offer any indications as to what of this 
lot is most collectable.

If anyone wants to make an offer before I list a specific item or before a 
bid has been placed, I will consider selling 'outside' of eBay. Please 
check my feedback rating, 104 (100% positive).

Thanks for looking!

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9/2/2003 12:26:02 PM
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