FS: Various Acorn hardware (StrongARM/VRAM/PS2 adaptor)

After spending the Easter weekend clearing out my study, I've come across
some various bits of Acorn hardware I no longer need:

  - 2x SA-110 200MHz StrongARM processors - 85UKP* each
  - 1x 2MB RiscPC VRAM module - 45UKP*
  - 5x 1MB RiscPC VRAM modules - 20UKP** each (75UKP* for the lot)
  - 1x Stuart Tyrell PS2 mouse adaptor - 15UKP*

* Includes free next day delivery to the UK mainland
** Includes free 2-3 day delivery to the UK mainland

Both the processors and the 2MB VRAM module have been tested recently, but
the 1MB VRAM modules will be tested on demand.  The PS2 mouse adaptor was
working when the machine it was connected to was powered down for the last

I also have a couple of external parallel Iomega Zip 100 drives and one
external parallel Zip 250 drive and various disks.  All suitable for Acorn
machines.  Unfortunately I cannot supply suitable software but this can be
obtained separately.  Please contact me for individual pricing based on
drive and number of disks.

International delivery is available for an additional cost.

If you're interested in any of the above, please e-mail woo dot yay at
ntlworld dot com.


wooyay (1)
4/14/2004 7:38:25 PM
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