Misc Acorn bits F/A

I've got a few misc Acorn bits for auction, including a Cumana CD Rom drive
(SCSI) a concept keyboard and a couple of nexus podules.

More info and links up at http://www.vigay.com/forsale/

Worth keeping an occasional eye on, cos I'm trying to clear out the loft at
the moment. Got a few other bits and bobs, but a lot isn't worth the cost
of postage, so if anyone is in the Hampshire (Southsea) area and fancies
picking up bits, I'll update the list above with some heavier items soon
(got some old Solidisk BBC Bs with square case and external keyboards etc)
and some old A5000's.

I've also got a box of Socket 7 PC motherboards and various boxes of
connectors and leads etc, which I'll probably dump, unless someone is

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